rIgor mort.US is an innovative new (ad)venture in publishing by SF&D and Deadly Chaps Press. It has but one rule:

1. All submissions MUST have been previously published in print.*

There are no length restrictions. Prose, poems, and artwork are all acceptable. As long as our only rule is observed, EVERY SUBMISSION IS A GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE.**

Here's the catch:

Your work will be published online at the rIgor mort.US website under a creative commons attribution license***. What this means is that you give permission for the free use of your work for creative purposes as long as attribution (credit) is given for the use. As such, our readers and editors will legally be able to use your work to create erasures, mash-ups and remixes for submission to SF&D's Black Market. Moreover, by submitting your work to rIgor mort.US, you are giving anyone permission to create poetry, prose, and artwork using your previously published work as source material. Additionally, every month Joseph A. W. Quintela will create a mash-up poem for Short, Fast, and Deadly using at least 5 words from every rIgor mortIs text received that month. It will appear in the monthly magazine with credit to every author whose work was used.

Why are we doing this?

We are interested in breathing new life into work originally captured in the dead medium of print. This is not exactly to say that we believe print to be dead. Rather, we believe that print as we know it is dead. This venture is an exploration of the meaning of that statement. We wish to regenerate the concept of publication. We wish to build a database of legally usable source material for creative remixing. We wish to transmute textual corpses into a generative corpus. We wish to extend the I into US. We thank you for joining us in this (ad)venture.

Important Notes:

*In the interest of not upsetting other publications we ask that you only submit work for which you retained the rights after first publication. Please let us know where this first print publication occurred. We will credit all authors and all places of first publication on our website and whenever a mash-up work appears in SF&D.

**So as not to overwhelm our submission manager please submit only once per month. You may submit up to 3 works with each submission. We will use them all.

***Submission implies acceptance of publication under the terms of a creative commons attributions license. Please view the creative commons attribution license here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Please be sure to cite the place of original PRINT PUBLICATION.
Please be sure to cite the place of original PRINT PUBLICATION

Note: We are particularly interested in re-publishing a.) scholarly works of art and theoretical criticism; and b.) schematics and source code.
Please be sure to cite the place of original PRINT PUBLICATION
Please be sure to cite the place of original PRINT PUBLICATION
Submit work created from our archives via erasure, re-mix, mash-up, or re-contextualization here. Work submitted to (re)GENERAT.iONS) is not a guaranteed acceptance but is subject to review by our morticians.

Please include a works cited list.

We encourage creative formats. Video, audio, and creative web pages are accepted alongside traditional texts. Submit web pages as a link.
chopsh.OP is the mortuary college of rIgor mort.US. Share your creative techniques (operating procedures) for generating re-mix, mash-up, erasure, and re-conctextualized work.

We like accompanying screenshots or instructional videos. Essays are good too. We want to know how and why you are creating post-textual work.

Work submitted to chopshOP is not a guaranteed acceptance. It is subject to editorial review.